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OPEN What plugins surprise you?


Christmas 2021
Christmas 2021
Nov 28, 2019
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7d 8h 1m
Show off the names of plugins that surprise by introducing modern technologies or approaches in Minecraft.

A while ago, surprised me MiniaturePets, but now I prefer ImiPet which support ModelEngine (BedRock Model).
Next plugins are ModelEngine and MysticMobs. By using them you can create entirely new mobs.
PlayerServers is let creating own servers to players in Bungeecord.
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Oct 6, 2020
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2d 14h 51m
Ok I'll start:

InteractionVisualizer was a really nice surprise. It basically visualizes all kinds of interactions you make with blocks. For example when players craft, other players can see on top on the crafting table what items they put in and what they're crafting.

It also gives everything a visual timer so you know how far your production is without ever opening a furnace.

It also shows what items you deposit in any container, what music disk is playing, custom animations that I can't play without anymore etc. LOOHP, the developer, is one of my favorites. I use almost all their plugins because they're so good. And the best thing is that you can just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and forget about it. Everything works right out of the box.

InteractiveChat is another gem. It adds new features to the chat that you can customize easily because each component of the plugin has the same format to configure it. With this plugin you can set text for elements when you hover your mouse over them, then you can configure what happens if you click said element (run/suggest command), and then you can choose what that element's original text gets replaced with. It has a few modules of its own. You can share your item/inventory/ender chest in chat, and when players click it a GUI opens with all your items.

But by far the best feature of this plugin is the ability to make your own [tags] that anyone in chat can use. You can do the things I mentioned above and if you combine that with placeholders, you suddenly get a very powerful tool to send information in a more pleasant way. You can get the best out of this plugin when you use DiscordSRV, though. Because it has an addon that sends all these functionalities to discord.

This is a really fun way to keep your playerbase engaged while not playing. Other worthy mentions by this dev are:
HoloMobHealth: lets you configure a hologram healthbar above mobs. Completely customizable. You can even configure things like it only showing when mobs take (player) damage etc...
Bookshelf: a nice way to store books. They also give enchantment tables a higher chance to give the stored enchantment on new items.

Simple Stack: is a new plugin that continues where StackableItems stopped. It lets you configure custom stack sizes for items. I've been actively helping the dev find bugs and now they seem to be mostly hammered out.

HoloDropsX: gives all dropped items a hologram with the name and stack size on it. Another QoL plugin that once you get it, you can't play without.

Shulker Backpacks: lets you open shulker boxes from your inventory without placing them first. You can also configure it so you can open them while they're stored in a chest.

Action Bar Health: allows you to see the health of the mob you're facing.

Graves: drops a custom playerhead when players die that stores all their stuff. This is a nice way to make dying in multiplayer more forgiving because player's stuff can despawn if other players are closeby. I use it as a money sink because players have to carry a grave token in order for a grave to spawn when they die. I also configured it so they can only teleport back to their stuff if a grave has spawned (with an extra fee). So if players die without a token it is a harsh penalty.

IllegalStack: is a must have for every server owner. It fixes common exploits and duplication bugs. It does that surprisingly well and it has virtually no impact on performance.

Oh The Dungeons You'll Go To: adds dungeons to your world when you generate it. These are very fun and the plugin also has a bunch of custom loot players can get from it. The dungeon I primarily use are the Roguelike dungeons and they get progressively harder as players go deeper. But the loot also gets better.

Dangerous Caves 2: adds some new custom mobs and makes caves more dangerous and scarier. It adds a bunch of creepy sounds, players get attacked by darkness, one mob is made to jumpscare players. It also "ages" caves which I find to be a cool feature. This turns stone into cobblestone, adds magma blocks, adds vines, pebbles and mushrooms. This plugin is pretty buggy right now, though. I recommend completely turning off vines, fire and magma blocks. With time it will turn every cave in a burning pit. Also the vines spawn incorrectly in dungeons which makes navigating them impossible. I would also turn off any mob features that replace blocks. Also since this plugin has not been updated in a while; if you use Griefprevention, go to the plugin's github page and download the latest action. The current version on spigot ignores griefprevention regions and ages those. The version on github fixes this.

Trade+: is a good way for players to trade anything. It's not overpowered since you can configure how close players have to be in range to trade. What makes this plugin special is that you can trade anything. XP, money, items, tokens, player points, enjin. It all works!

TimeManager: is a new plugin that I searched for months. It allows you to configure how long days/nights are in Minecraft. This is a good way to give the game a better dynamic for players that like building big stuff in survival.

SmoothSleep: progresses time depending on how many players are sleeping. What makes this plugin unique is that it doesn't just skip the night. If one player sleeps the night progresses faster, if another player sleeps the multiplier goes up again. You can also set rewards for players that slept a certain amount of hours, progress the weather when sleeping, restore health and saturation and more. This brings a fine balance between players that want to progress the night and players who don't.

VotingPlugin: if configured right, can be a player friendly, all in one solution for voting on serverlists. It has an easy to navigate GUI for everything a player can do. It has a built-in Vote points shop where you can sell whatever you want. It can show timed reminders to remind players they can vote. Players can easily see what they did/didn't vote on in the GUI. It also has leaderboards, vote parties, a very in-depth reward system that lets you configure rewards for all kinds of things. The only problem I found with this plugin that I couldn't solve is that the admin commands are all listed for players without admin permissions and I can't seem to hide it from them.

Pocket Games: gives a library of games to play in chest inventories. The dev is super creative and most of these games are genuinely fun. Players can also play these games multiplayer against eachother. It's just a nice plugin to show off what your server can do.

This was my list :p I hope I introduced someone to at least one of these wonderful plugins. I'm curious what others use.


Dec 5, 2020
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1d 5h 13m
model engine and craftory and item adder so crazy plugin

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