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  1. M


    DirectLeaks Link to resource which you're reporting: Describe your problem: class broken Link to Pastebin with your (error) logs. [10:33:18 ERROR]: Could not load...
  2. DarkKingArthas

    SOLVED CMI, AsyncWorldEdit Fatal error

    The CME version 8.0.7 from another source works for me without problems, we have any version knocks out such an error, also the same error knocks out AsyncWorldEdit Premium. What could be the problem? I would like to use the resources from this forum, but some important plugins from here do not...
  3. XionioX

    DONE [1.16.1] SSSpigot | Custom PaperSpigot Fork For Even Higher Performance | Partially Parallel Ticking

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Spigot Link: SSSpigot DirectLeaks Link: Minecraft Why should we update this plugin: A new current version has been released, I will also buy a subscription on the site to download it Price: 18,81 USD
  4. B

    SOLVED AdvancedEnchantments 7.9.18

    Hey, AE isn't working. Link:⭕%EF%B8%8F-advancedenchantments-✅-create-custom-enchants-✨-195-enchants-⭐-1-8-1-16.2822/ Server version: paper 1.15.2 Error in console: [14:24:23 ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling AdvancedEnchantments v7.9.18 (Is it up to...
  5. DarkKingArthas

    SOLVED Epic World Generator and Epic Nether Generator [2in1]

    Plugins do not load Epic World Generator 8.1.13 (2 updates have already been released on spigot 8.1.14 + 8.1.14 fix) Epic Nether Generator 2.0.3



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