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  1. Haizivs

    VIP MEMBERSHIP NULLED Filtered Hoppers 1.5.1

    GUI based hopper filters! Filtered Hoppers allows your players to craft a custom item with which they can control what items a hopper should be able to pickup. This allows you to get rid of complicated redstone systems to build storage sorting systems, while also improving your server's...
  2. Haizivs

    VIP MEMBERSHIP NULLED Upgradeable Hoppers - Fast Hopper Plugin Link Containers Item Transfer Suction Chunk - 1.19 Support 4.5.0

    With this Hopper plugin you can allow your players to transfer items over long distances or to suck items in a larger radius. All of this is combined with upgrades and management in a useful GUI menu. The hoppers are super fast and run mostly asnychronous. This will defenitly improve your...
  3. t0r

    VIP MEMBERSHIP NULLED JetsHoppers | GUI | Stats |Suction | Filter | Link | Holograms |1.8 - 1.15 SUPPORT 3.3.10

    JetsHoppers provides a new dimension for Hoppers in Minecraft! Allow players to easily connect, chain, teleport and apply filtering to their hoppers via an easy-to-use (and completely configurable) GUI. Come and join our official Discord Server for support and questions! Upgrade Hoppers...
  4. notdexter

    VIP MEMBERSHIP CUSTOM CloudHoppers [Custom Plugin by Multithreading] 1.0.0-TEST

    Tested MC Versions: 1.8 Depend: Essentials
  5. T

    MC PLUGIN EpicHoppers - Better Stronger Faster Hoppers [Deleted]

    t0r submitted a new resource: EpicHoppers - Better Stronger Faster Hoppers - Connect hoppers over long distances with the added ability to filter out unwanted items Read more about this resource...


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