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  1. Duits

    UPDATE REQUEST Update Verus Crack to Verus b3863 1.19

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Verus AC | 1.7-1.1891 + Bedrock Support | | Spigot Link: Verus AC | 1.7-1.19.1 + Bedrock Support | | | MC-Market DirectLeaks Link: ANTICHEAT - NULLED Verus Anticheat (Premium Version) Cracked | DirectLeaks...
  2. Sappy

    UPDATE REQUEST Verus AC | 1.7-1.18.1 + Bedrock Support | |

    Name of the plugin you want updated: Verus AC | 1.7-1.18.1 + Bedrock Support | | Spigot Link: Verus AC | 1.7-1.18.1 + Bedrock Support | | | MC-Market DirectLeaks Link: ANTICHEAT - NULLED Verus Anticheat (Premium Version) Cracked |...
  3. S


    Includes: AntiCheat Ban Massage (LIKE HYP1XEL) enjoy.
  4. Abdallah AgM


    for more information about plugin :
  5. Englishman In New York

    VIP MEMBERSHIP ANTICHEAT NULLED Matrix Anti Cheat [NULLED/CRACKED] | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.18 6.6.2-hotfix2

    SPECIFY RANDOM USER AND PASSWORD FOR PREMIUM TO WORK Matrix is an anti-cheat solution dedicated to the rapid detection of mainstream hacking methods. This plugin can quickly detect the most common forms of hacking and cheats, such as KillAura or Speed. You can see below what types of...
  6. Administrator

    VIP MEMBERSHIP CUSTOM Heirteirs Anticheat // Never leaked source code src

    Source code of Herteirs Anticheat which was never leaked according to someone
  7. Boyka

    NULLED 【Tesla Anti Cheat】 - 【NEW GUI'S | Auto Ban | 1.8 - 1.12】【SALE 50%】 1.9.3

    Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 Contributors:[ReddReaperz, StrelleX_77, DeJay6424 & MuamerBa - Testing] Tesla Anti Cheat Protect your server from hackers! 【Paper spigot is NOT TESTED】 • Addon: This addon allows you to check out your servers range!: [CLICK HERE] •...
  8. Haizivs

    VIP MEMBERSHIP NULLED 「Reflex」Machine Learning Cheat Detection » 1.8 - 1.16 11.3-5-27732ae

    The overview is also available in: (click at the desired language or mirror) ・简体中文 (Simplified Chinese, China) | MCBBS ・正體中文 (Traditional Chinese, Taiwan) ・Français (French, France) Please note that translations are made by community members and we do not guarantee that they are up-to-date: some...
  9. Sponge93

    VIP MEMBERSHIP CONFIG ✨(HQ) NoCheatDeluxe | A quality auto-banning anticheat config.✨

    Supported MC Versions: 1.7.x - 1.14.x [1.13+ USE NOT RECOMMENDED] Req. Server Software: Spigot, Bukkit, Paper, CraftBukkit
  10. Haizivs

    VIP MEMBERSHIP NULLED Iris Anticheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | AntiVPN | 1.7-1.13 3.0.7

    Why Iris? Iris is an anticheat solution made by some of the most reputable, consistent, and helpful developers in the anticheat community. Here's what we have to say. Our different look on detecting cheats allows Iris to detect what previously has not been possible. Our guarantee for the best...
  11. Administrator

    VIP MEMBERSHIP CONFIG ⭐AAC (Advanced Anti Cheat) + AACAdditionPro Setup⭐ 4.3.10

    Supported MC Versions:1.8 / 1.14.4Req. Server Software:PaperSpigot Spigot Hello, this setup was tested on paperspigot 1.12.2/1.14.4 Ban animations support only 1.8/1.12.2 servers - Block WorldDownloader ✔️ - Block Vape ✔️ - Block LiteLoader ✔️ - Block Fly ✔️ - Block Speed ✔️ - Block Scaffold...


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