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Resource Rules

  1. Ranked users (VIP Membership) are not allowed to give non-ranked users resources from their respective sections. This will warrant a PERMANENT BAN!
  2. Stealing a resource from our site, and uploading it on a competing site will result in a PERMANENT BAN. (Same goes with Discord dedicated to leaks)
  3. Owning or being staff on a competitor site will get you banned as-well.
  4. Uploading malware or malicious content of any form will result in a PERMANENT BAN.
  5. You are allowed to upload copyrighted/leaked content, however we may take it down if necessary.
  6. Put a resource icon on all of your resources. If the resource does not have any it is recommended to put something as an icon that reensembles the content.
  7. Do NOT post resources that advertise, or sell resources.
  8. Do NOT falsely report resources. (especially asking for updates)
  9. Do NOT use ad-links, your resource will be removed, or updated with the directlink to resource.
  10. Reviews are for reviewing if it works or not, add server log/your issue explanation to the review if resource is not working.
  11. Do not post a negative review on a resource, asking for an update.
  12. Do not ask for updates in reviews, it will trigger a warning, upon receiving 3 warnings, you will lose ability to review resources.
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    Oct 1, 2020
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DISCORD: t0r#8252 (fast response)


Please allow up to a week for an email response. Kindly note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Service Providers will not expedite your request and they don't even have to respond to your request.

Any and all content posted by the staff team is gifted to us by users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us. We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy. The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illicit or illegal activities occuring on this site.