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Verus Anticheat (Premium Version) Cracked

ANTICHEAT NULLED Verus Anticheat (Premium Version) Cracked Fixed MySQL DB

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Verus anticheat
b3715 (02/12/2021)
Dumped on:
- v1_7_R4
- v1_8_R3
- v1_11_R1
- v1_12_R1
- v1_14_R1
- v1_15_R1
- v1_16_R1
- v1_16_R2
- v1_16_R3

Verus Anticheat
Verus Development have been providing enterprise quality anticheat solutions since 2018

Creators: Jacob#2172 (@vnsJacob) and kyle#2066 (opuc)

Purchasing Verus has been streamlined, and you can now purchase our Regular and Premium packages on our website ( and if you need help during this process, open a ticket in our discord ( and we'll be happy to help



Verus is an advanced packet based anticheat, made to perform at any player count, on any server version between 1.7 and 1.17.1, without any performance overhead. Our checks operate on the netty threads as much as possible, this is to prevent any unnessesary load being put onto the main thread. Verus should be compatable with any plugin, as we track and handle all essential incoming/outgoing packets appropriately.

Each check is made with performance in mind, and goes through vigorous testing on participating networks, to make sure false positives are minimal to none.

We currently support MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This allows for easy ban/log lookups, and violation persistence, which is an essential feature for large scale networks.

We have 3 different packages with different levels of detectability to suit your needs. Regular is our basic package for $60, has one whitelist, which can detect blatant modules. Premium is our main package for $125, has three whitelists, designed to include all the features from Regular, with the addition of modern/ghost client detections. Custom is our top package for $200, has unlimited whitelists, and introduces a handful of features needed for larger networks.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Verus has it's own custom compatability layer which allows us to support 1.7 to 1.17.1 on both server and client versions. There's no need to run pesky, unwanted packet libraries on your network whilst running Verus.

If you want to test Verus, you must join our discord ( and make a ticket, using !ticket <reason>, please have your network information at hand as you will need to provide this to the support agent who handles your ticket.
Please note: If you do not have valid network information, your enquiry may be ignored/closed.
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Latest Updates

  1. b3775

  2. Full version support + all features

    Fixed 1.7, 1.8, 1.11, 1.12, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, Specific versions: - v1_7_R4 - v1_8_R3 -...
  3. b3709

    idk they posted like 3 updates

Latest Reviews

some classes are missing but ok (pastebin upload and some other)
There are some missing classes... How do i fix that?
can this be used in a spigot, not bungee?
Is this the premium package or regular package? Like 200 usd one or?
Works, 0 VT detections as well


DISCORD: Haizivs#7206

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