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VIP MEMBERSHIP SERVER LIFESTEAL SMP - Premium Server Setup 2.8.0 2.8.0

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This Lifesteal Setup is the best one out there with ZERO premium plugins so you won't have to buy any extra plugins.
The native server version is 1.19.3

Please check the README.txt after purchasing so you can install the required dependencies.


Custom Core | This server has a completely custom Core Lifesteal plugin. You can add/remove hearts with a simple command.
Server Levels | Enjoy a new aspect of Lifesteal by levelling up your account as well as your hearts!
Teams | Ally with other players to compete with other teams. Strategize together to level up your team!
Playtime Levels | Entice players to stay on your server by rewarding them based on their playtime!
Modern Version | This setup has been updated to 1.19 so you can enjoy the newest Minecraft features.
Resource World | Let resources be renewable! Players can join the resource world that resets every 12 hours.
Server Menu | Players can access a server menu to easily navigate the servers commands.
Backpacks | Let players carry more than their inventory permits. They can use backpacks to store their goodies away!
Ranks | 5 Donator Ranks & 4 Staff Ranks have been pre-configured with permissions.
Essentials Messages | Make your server look your own with a custom essentials message configuration.
Custom NPC's | Let your users click on custom NPC's instead of tricky commands.
Vote Rewards | Voting Rewards have been pre-configured for ease of use. Just setup Votifier and you're good to go!
Shop | Buy & Selling Shop GUI with balanced economy.
Wild | Random Teleport set up with correct permissions.
Combat Log | Stop players logging out mid-combat with CombatLogX.
Anti-Cheat | Keep cheaters off your server with Themis Anti-cheat.
VoteParty | Reward players for voting & being online with VoteParty's.
Custom Menus | Custom GUI Menus to keep players engaged.
Bounties | Keep players fighting by allowing them to put bounties on eachother.
Sitting | Players can use "/sit" to sit down anywhere in the world!
Staff Chat | Let your staff have private conversations with StaffChat.
Auction House | Players can sell items to other players with auction house fully configured.
Crates | Fully Custom Crates have been pre-configured with items.
Chat Tags | Sell chat tags in your store to make a profit.
Vanish | Vanish plugin pre-configured to catch cheaters easily.
Chat Announcements | Announcements pop up in chat every 90 seconds!
Hidden Plugins | All plugins are hidden from every user.
WorldGuard | Regions are fully set up to stop users from breaking spawn.
Free Plugins | No Premium plugins are required for this setup.
AND MORE | Join the test server with the IP above to explore ALL the features.

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